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Cosmopolitan - June / 2020

Today I'm wearing summer-  ... because anyone who hangs their glasses around their neck on pearls or acrylic links is addicted. Glasses chain acrylic, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN

2020_03_Gala Style Fashion_Brillenketten
2020_03_Gala Style Fashion_Brillenketten

Gala - March / 2020

On trend course-  GLASSES CHAINS. The chains, which have been frowned upon for a long time, optically enhance every pair of glasses - and the risk of leaving them lying around is now almost zero.


peter - March / 2020



TextilWirtschaft 01 / 2020

Acrylic, Ambitious:..... The acrylic chain often enters the fashion arena, whether solo or in a conglomerate. Not only as necklaces and bracelets, but increasingly also as belts, glasses chains, bag straps and in combination with smartphone necklaces....


InStyle 07 / 2019

Cool chain:Nothing is more casual than a chain of sunglasses.

The accessory is not only practical, but also a real fashion statement.


Mrs City 01 / 2019

Supporting role:When it comes to bags, Alexandra von Settebello relies on TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN

TextilWirtschaft 01/2019

coarse: The Hamburg-based company Tiefenbacher Lehmann has light acrylic chains up its sleeve that can be used as shoulder straps, but also as necklaces and belts...


MADAME 01/2019

Fashion trend:Protective cover - robust smooth leather, warm wool and windproof down result in a casual LAYERING - most beautiful in natural tones.

2018_10_Gala_Must have_III.jpeg

GALA 10/2018 - issue 44

In exchange- The Hamburg accessories label TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN had an ingenious idea: there are different straps to change with its timeless leather bags. You can always create new looks with aluminium, colored acrylic or braided chains.


GRAZIA 10/2018 - issue 43

Fashion charts - a concatenationfortunate circumstances led to the Hamburg accessories label TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN combining fine suede with acrylic.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-13 um

DELUXE 09/2018 - issue 03

Best buddy bag- the bag is a real miracle of transformation...

With various bag straps or acrylic glass chains, it can be individualized and redesigned again and again.

Presse Clipping_Glamour_Online_08_2018_v

GLAMOUR.DE 08/2018

You should definitely know these handbag labels.

Für Sie Wristlet Bag

FOR YOU 04/2017

What's the name of the trend? WRISTLET is a bag with a small handle for the wrist. BOX BAG pineapple / ametista, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, approx. 290 euros

Brigitte Minibag für den Alltag und Abend

Bridget 02/2017

Day Night- The long shoulder strap makes it a crossover bag suitable for everyday use... BOX BAG ananas / ametista, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, approx. 290 euros

Shoe-ccessory für jeden Schuh

Women's Health 09/2016

DIY sandals with tassels. Tie the finished tassels to the bare shoe and off you go. SHOE ACCESSORIES, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, from 32 euros

Fransen to go

Jolie 08/2016

in: Fringes to go- With these accessories you can keep up with the (shoe) crème de la crème in terms of style. SHOE ACCESSORIES, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, from 32 euros

perfekte Tasche aus Leder

For you No. 13 05/2016

Small very big- The colorful mini bags are now a real treat and spice up every look in no time at all. BOX BAG cielo / argento, TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, approx. 290 euros

Designertasche Leder

For you No. 9 03/2016

bag dream- The BOX BAG, the all-rounder from an Italian manufacturer in Tuscany. TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN, approx. 290 euros

buy eyecatcher bag in soft suede

Deluxe Hamburg 01/2016

BOX BAG- simple but beautiful. The young Hamburg label TIEFENBACHER LEHMANN knows how to create classic, handmade bags from Italian leather. Whether as a clutch or crossover bag, the box bag is a true eye-catcher.

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